Ultimate Fluency Course

Ultimate Fluency Course:

Duration: 3 months Intensive class ( Weekly 5 Live Classes)

Time for live Class:

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY: 11 AM - 12 PM, 5-6 PM, 7-8 PM & 9-10 PM. ( You can choose any batch based on your availability )

Thursday & Tuesday Group Discussion: 8.30 - 9.45 PM


Batch Strength - 10 -12 students

You will get 290+ recorded Videos and +audios with 120+ downloadable PDFs with Lifetime access.

This is an intensive intermediate English learning course.

It is aimed at ESL students who feel stuck at a Beginner or lower intermediate level and want to reach the advanced English level faster.

Who Is This Course For?

An intensive English language marathon is created for ESL students. The course uses authentic video materials which are both engaging and practical.

This advanced English learning course is ideal for you if you are looking for an entertaining and efficient way to improve your English. Particularly suitable for shy, introverted, and/or mature students.

What You'll Learn In This Course

  • Over 100 advanced English Conversation Idioms
  • Basic English Grammar ( Intermediate level)
  • Everyday English by topic ( B1 & B2 Level)
  • Pronunciation mastery
  • Commonly mispronounced words
  • Tips to Improve Your Reading, Listening, Speaking & writing
  • and much, much more

Learning Outcomes

  • Take this course to:
  • improve your spoken English
  • upgrade your English comprehension
  • improve English writing skills
  • get familiar with different English accents
  • know about advanced English grammar
  • master English pronunciation
  • improve your confidence in English

Course Requirements

  • minimum A1 English level is a must
  • desire to learn
  • dedication
  • good internet connection
  • pdf reader

This Course Includes

  • 90 Recorded online lessons with lifetime validity
  • 5 Different Module
  • Lifetime access to the recorded Sessions
  • 60 lesson transcripts
  • homework activities, quizzes & Downloadable worksheets & Notes
  • individual support
  • Weekly 5 Live Classes


Sutanu Majumder

I'm Sutanu, a certified ESL teacher & English Confidence Coach from India.
I have started my career as a Mechanical Engineer, but my passion dragged me into the Training field.
Therefore, I gave up my highly paid 9-5 job and started re-educating myself. I have completed the TESOL Certification from Trinity College of London Personality development course from ICF.
At present, I am running my online English courses successfully. In the last 1 year, I have trained 3000+ students across the globe.
I have been featured on Josh talk, She the People TV, and got awarded South India women’s Achievers Award as an Educator.
I'm on a mission to help 100,000 people to speak clearly & naturally in English so that they can confidently join any English conversation & give their opinion.


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